New Light on the Bronze Age Ceramics from...

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Author  Dariusz Maliszewski
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   December 31, 2010
ISBN  1407304828
Pages  402

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Dr Dariusz Maliszewski is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Archaeology of the Mediterranean Civilisations of the Institute of Prehistory of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. His main field of research and teaching interests is Aegean Archaeology, in particular Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Cyprus, as well as Bronze Age Troy and its relationship with the neighbouring areas. For many years he has been conducting a field survey in the northwestern part of the "Island of Aphrodite". Results of this fieldwork and artefact studies, including Trojan ones, were published in Anatolian Studies, Meander, Report of the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus and Thetis.

In that book the author- analyzing fabrics, wares, typology, chronology and function- shed new light on the unpublished Trojan ceramic artefacts not only within the Anatolian-Aegean cultural context, but also beyond it. The studies carried out contributed, inter alia, to improving the knowledge of precise technique of production of many Trojan pottery forms and extended, on the basis of careful analysis of wares, their chronological distribution within that site. Moreover, examination of the pottery pointed out contacts of Troy with other areas and in this context turned attention to the need for a re-assessment of its imports, which would change prevailing views on them and thus provide new research opportunities, Finally, the undertaken investigations also show prospects concerning reconstruction of the textile production at Troy, as well as the non-utilitarian function of spinning and weaving implements.

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