Archaeofaunal Remains from the Past 4000 Years...

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Author  Veerle Linseele
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   July 15, 2007
ISBN  1407300946
Pages  339

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Although extensive archaeological excavations have been conducted in the region, data on archaeofauna from the Nigerian part of the research area and adjacent parts of the southern Lake Chad area in Cameroon and Chad are patchy. The archaeofauna that is the subject of this study was excavated in northern Burkina Faso and in north-eastern Nigeria, close to the southern shores of Lake Chad. Besides gathering information on the history of the different domestic animals in the research area, a major aim of this study is the reconstruction of the palaeoeconomy and palaeoecology of the investigated sites. The data Appendices include radiocarbon dates and details of faunal remains.

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