Defensive Architecture of Prehisto...

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Author  Tomas Alusik
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   May 15, 2007
ISBN  1407300768
Pages  234

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In this work the author explores the pre-historical defensive architecture in Crete by discerning five types of architectural feature: enclosure walls, tower-like structures; 'guard houses' and guardrooms. Before presenting the materials and analyses, the author outlines the history of the research, lists the existing findings of the surface survey (especially in connection with discoveries of defensive architecture) and discusses the questions of methodology. Contents: Part One: Introduction (Preface, The History of the Research, An Overview of the Official Projects of the, Surface Survey since World War II, Methodology, Subdivision of the Book). Part Two: A catalogue of Cretan Prehistoric Defensive Architecture. Part Three: Analyses and Conclusions (Regional Analysis, Architectural Analysis, Enclosure Walls, So-called Guard Houses, Towers and Bastions, Modifications of Access Systems, So-called Guardrooms, Architectonic Expressions of Defence, Chronological Analysis, The History of Settlement and Architectonic, Development, Summary, Chronologically Unspecified Sites, Types of Settlements with Defensive Architecture, Palatial Buildings, Villa-like Structures, Towns, Settlements, Refuge Settlements, Historical Analysis, Conclusions).

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