Babylonian and Assyrian Literature


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Author  Anonymous
Publisher  Hard Press
Publication Date   November 3, 2006
ISBN  1406905895
Pages  398

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Excerpt: ...the work of whose hands and 25 the gift of whose finger the great gods of heaven and earth have exalted, and his steps10 over rulers have they established forever; 26 their power for the preservation of my Royalty have they exercised; the retribution of his power, (and) the approach of His Majesty over Princes 27 of the four regions they have extended: the enemies of Assur in all their country, the upper and the lower I chastised, and tribute and impost 28 upon them I established, capturing the enemies of Assur-mighty King, King of Assyria, son of Tuklat-Adar who all his enemies 29 has scattered; (who) in the dust threw down the corpses of his enemies, the grandson of Bin-nirari, the servant of the great gods, 30 who crucified alive and routed his enemies and subdued them to his yoke, descendant of Assur-dan-il, who the fortresses 31 established (and) the fanes made good. In those days by the decree11 of the great gods to royalty power supremacy I rose up: 32 I am a King, I am a Lord, I am glorious, I am great, I am mighty, I have arisen, I am Chief, I am a Prince, I am a warrior 33 I am great and I am glorious, Assur-nasir-habal, a mighty King of Assyria, proclaimer of the Moon-god, worshipper of Anu, exalter of Yav,12 suppliant of the gods 34 am I, servant unyielding, subduing the land of his foeman, a King mighty in battle, destroyer of cities and forests, 35 Chief over opponents, King of the four regions, expeller of his foes, prostrating all his enemies, Prince of a multitude of lands of all Kings 36 Even of all, a Prince subduing those disobedient to him, who is ruling all the multitudes of men. These aspirations to the face of the great gods 37 have gone up; on my destiny steadfastly have they determined; at the wishes of my heart and the uplifting of my hand, Istar, exalted Lady, 38 hath favored me in my intentions, and to the conduct of (my) battles and warfare hath applied her heart. In those days I Assur-nasir-pal, glorious Prince,...

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