Two Oxen Ahead

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Author  Paul Halstead
Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date   April 7, 2014
ISBN  1405192836
Pages  384

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This revealing study shows how careful analysis of recent farming practices, and related cultural traditions, in communities around the Mediterranean can enhance our understanding of prehistoric and Greco-Roman societies.

  • Includes a wealth of original interview material and data from field observation
  • Provides original approaches to understanding past farming practices and their social contexts
  • Offers a revealing comparative perspective on Mediterranean societies’ agronomy
  • Identifies a number of previously unrecorded climate-related contrasts in farming practices, which have important socio-economic significance
  • Explores annual tasks, such as tillage and harvest; inter-annual land management techniques, such as rotation; and intergenerational issues, including capital accumulation

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