A History of Byzantium

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Author  Timothy E. Gregory
Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date   January 11, 2010
ISBN  140518471X
Pages  480

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This revised and expanded edition of the widely-praised AHistory of Byzantium covers the time of Constantine the Greatin AD 306 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

  • Expands treatment of the middle and later Byzantine periods,incorporating new archaeological evidence
  • Includes additional maps and photographs, and a newlyannotated, updated bibliography
  • Incorporates a new section on web resources for Byzantiumstudies
  • Demonstrates that Byzantium was important in its own right butalso served as a bridge between East and West and ancient andmodern society
  • Situates Byzantium in its broader historical context with anew comparative timeline and textboxes

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