Ancient Greek Religion

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Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date   October 19, 2009
ISBN  1405149280
Pages  379

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Ancient Greek Religion: Historical Sources in Translationpresents a wide range of documents relating to the religious worldof the ancient Greeks from the earliest surviving literature toaround the end of the fourth century BCE.

  • Presents a wide range of documents relating to the religiousworld of the ancient Greeks, from the earliest surviving literatureto around the end of the fourth century BCE
  • Provides extensive background information for readers with noprevious knowledge of classical studies
  • Brings together new and rare passages for comparison –with occasional new interpretations – to appeal toprofessionals
  • Offers a variety of less frequently examined material and looksat familiar texts in new ways
  • Includes the use of extensive cross-referencing to indicate theinterconnectedness of different aspects of religious practice andthought
  • Includes the most comprehensive commentary and updated passagesavailable in a single volume

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