An Introduction to the Archaeology of... (Book published September


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Author  Kathryn A. Bard
Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date   September 11, 2007
ISBN  1405111488
Pages  420

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An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt is a comprehensive overview of Egyptian archaeology skillfully organized to guide the reader from Egypt’s prehistoric past through the pharaonic dynasties and the Greco-Roman Period.

  • Provides an unprecedented introduction to the archaeology of ancient Egypt and its culture, monuments, and civilization
  • Beautifully illustrated with over 120 color and black and white illustrations, including artifacts, maps, and site and building plans
  • Includes special sections on such topics of perennial interest as building the pyramids at Giza, mummification, and deciphering hieroglyphs
  • Organized into 11 chapters, covering: the history of Egyptology and Egyptian archaeology; prehistoric and pharaonic chronology and the ancient Egyptian language; geography, resources, and environment; and seven chapters organized chronologically and devoted to specific archaeological sites and evidence
  • Includes discussion of new excavations in Egypt, connecting recent work with the results of projects spanning the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries

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