Ancient History

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Author  Charles W. Hedrick Jr.
Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date   February 3, 2006
ISBN  1405106573
Pages  188

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This book introduces students to the chief disciplines, methods and sources employed in 'doing' ancient history, as opposed to 'reading' it. The book:

  • Encourages readers to engage with historical sources, rather than to be passive recipients of historical tales
  • Gives readers a sense of the nature of evidence and its use in the reconstruction of the past
  • Helps them to read a historical narrative with more critical appreciation
  • Encourages them to consider the differences between their own experience of ancient sources, and the use of these objects within the everyday life of ancient society
  • A concise bibliographical essay at the end of each chapter refers to introductions, indices, research tools and interpretations, and explains scholarly jargon
  • Written clearly, concisely and concretely, invoking ancient illustrations and modern parallels as appropriate.

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