The British Museum Timeline of the Ancient...


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Author  Katharine Wiltshire
Publisher  Palgrave Macmillan
Publication Date   July 16, 2004
ISBN  1403966095
Pages  32

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Based on the unmatched collection of antiquities in the British Museum and the Museum's own Timeline Project, this authoritative reference book and timeline for readers of all ages spans the period from the earliest Neolithic settlements in 5000-6000 BC to the end of the Roman Empire. Illustrated from end to end with four-color photos of artifacts from the British Museum Collection, the fourteen page timeline allows readers to compare the developments of the four cultures at a glance and can be detached from the book to hang on the wall. The timeline is accompanied by a 32-page book that provides in-depth background information on the four main cultures--Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome--and features illustrated articles on the most important people, places, objects and events in the timeline. From the well-known, such as Tutankhamen, to the little-known female pharoah Hatshepsut, this timeline from the British Museum is an unparalleled visual tour through the ancient past.

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