Palestine is not the Promised Land

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Author  Jamil Effarah
Publisher  AuthorHouse
Publication Date   September 4, 2002
ISBN  1403341087
Pages  184

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Dr. Effarah dedicates his book Palestine is not the Promised Land to The Holy Father Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church Spiritual Leader, and requests His Holiness to urge the Roman Catholics of the West to research the historical background of the biblical stories of the Old Testament objectively, and relate the events to their true geographical locations. The author calls for a fresh investigation and a new examination to the Christian antiquity, and explores the newly discovered facts that nearly all of the Biblical place-names are concentrated in an area approximately 375 miles long and 125 miles wide, comprising what are today Asir (Arabic 'Aseer) and the southern part of the Hijaz (al-Hijaz). All the coordinates of the places involved, as described in the Hebrew Bible, were also traceable there. This fact has never before been identified as the original land of the Hebrew Bible that was principally concerned with the affairs of the Israelites in that area, not with the Jews elsewhere. Dr. Effarah insists that might does not survive the truth, and the Jewish State as is will never survive in historic Palestine.

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