Sun Tzu's Art of War


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Author  General Tao Hanzhang
Publisher  Main Street
Publication Date   March 24, 2004
ISBN  140271291X
Pages  176

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A classic—now pocket-sized. Find inspiration in some of history’s great military victories as others have for over 2,400 years. Sun Tzu was the most famous military scientist, and one of the ablest commanders, in ancient China. Asian warlords, and modern leaders as dissimilar as Mao Tse-tung and General Eisenhower, have used his principles to change the shape of the world. Interpreted here by General Tao Hanzhang, one of the architects of the Communist Revolution, Tzu’s advice on timing, maneuvering, flexibility, and knowledge of the enemy’s leaders, strengths, and weaknesses is as powerful today as when it was first issued.

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