Plutarch's Lives, Vol. 1

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Author  Plutarch Plutarch
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   February 9, 2017
ISBN  1333086504
Pages  462

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Excerpt from Plutarch's Lives, Vol. 1: Containing Theseus, Romulus, Lycurgus, Numa, Solon, Poplicola, Themistocles, Camillus

The notes here are much fewer than in the edition of 1727. M. Dotier has added to his tranflation a great number of learned and ufeful notes but with them there are mixed fome that are apparently erroneous, many that are trifling, and many that are exceedingly prolix; and very few of thefe have been omitted by the Engli/b editors. It certainly can be of no ufe to the reader, to put him continually upon his guard againf't believing all the fiories of dreams and prodigies related by Plutorcb, to tell him that fuch or fuch a fentiment is very true and juft, and that the reafons given for it by Plutarch make it very evident, to attempt to illuflrate what is in itfelf perfeétly clear, or to make fuch reflee tions upon faéts, or objections to fome of Plutnrcb's fentiments, as cannot efcape even the plainel'c under fianding. Yet obfervations of this kind, which are rather an affront than an afliftance to the reader; make no fmall part in M. Dacz'er's notes. Many of them therefore are entirely omitted, many are abridged, and fome are otherwife altered. As there appeared to be fome ufeful notes of M. Bact'er which had been omitted by the former editors, or were publifhed afterwards, thefe are added to this edition; there are alfo fome taken from other commentators, and a few of the edi tor's own.

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