Common Greek Coins (Book published October 4, 2011)


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Author  Alfred Watson Hands
Publisher  Nabu Press
Publication Date   October 4, 2011
ISBN  1247465993
Pages  188

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This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections
such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact,
or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections,
have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works
worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.


The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to ensure edition identification:


Common Greek Coins: Vol. I. The Coinage Of Athens, Corinth, Aegina, Boeotian League, Alexander The Great, Achaean League, And Lycian League, Volume 1; Common Greek Coins: Vol. I. The Coinage Of Athens, Corinth, Aegina, Boeotian League, Alexander The Great, Achaean League, And Lycian League; Alfred Watson Hands<br/><br/><author> Alfred Watson Hands<br/><br/><publisher> Spink & son, ltd., 1907<br/><br/><subjects> Antiques & Collectibles; Coins, Currency & Medals; Antiques & Collectibles / Coins, Currency & Medals; Coins, Greek; Numismatics, Greek</p> <h2>Get This Book</h2> <div class="book_shop_links"> <div class="shop_info"> <a href="" class="no_external"><img src="/images/amazon-tiny.png" alt="amazon-tiny" width="81" height="26" class="shop_logo"></a> <div class="price_data"> <b class="price">$22.75</b><br/><span class="shipping_cost">plus shipping</span> </div> <a href="" class="simple_button no_external shop_link" title="View on Amazon">View on Amazon</a> </div> <div class="shop_info"> <a href="" class="no_external"><img src="/images/bookdepository-tiny-new.png" alt="bookdepository-tiny" width="80" height="29" class="shop_logo"></a> <div class="price_data"> <b class="price">$23.14</b><br/><span class="shipping_cost">free shipping worldwide</span> </div> <a href="" class="simple_button no_external shop_link" title="View on Amazon">View on Bookdepository</a> </div> </div> </div><!-- END right_2_column --> <script type="text/javascript"> var media_layout = get_media_layout(); if (media_layout == "mobile" || media_layout == "tablet") { $(".book_details_table").appendTo(".right_3_column"); } </script> <style> #second_purchase_links { display: none; position: fixed; top: 15px; } .left_1_column { display: block !important; } </style> <p id="footer_spacer"> </p> </div><!-- END #content --> </div><!-- END #content_wrapper --> </div><!-- END #page --> <footer> <div id="footer_wrapper"> <div id="recommended_list"> <div class="box_wrapper"> <h3>Recommended By</h3> <p>Numerous educational institutions recommend us, including <a href="">Oxford University</a>, <a href="">Michigan State University</a>, and <a href="">University of Minnesota</a>.</p> <p>We have also been recommended for educational use by the following publications:</p> <div class="sponsors_logos_wrapper"> <a href=""><img loading="lazy" src="/images/recommended/merlot.png?v=3" width="199" height="60" alt="Merlot II"></a> <a href=""><img loading="lazy" src="/images/recommended/openeducationeuropa.png?v=3" width="230" height="60" alt="Open Education Europa"></a> <a href=""><img loading="lazy" src="/images/recommended/oercommons.png?v=3" width="109" height="60" alt="OER Commons"></a> <a href=""><img loading="lazy" src="/images/recommended/slj.png?v=3" width="120" height="60" alt="School Library Journal"></a> <a href=""><img loading="lazy" src="/images/recommended/scout.png?v=3" width="216" height="60" alt="The Scout Report, University of Wisconsin"></a> </div> </div> </div> <div id="sponsors_box"> <div class="box_wrapper"> <h3>Grants & Sponsorships</h3> <p>Many thanks to the organisations who are kindly helping us through grants or sponsorships. 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