Compendious description of the museums of ancient...


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Author  Ercole G. Massi
Publication Date   May 17, 2012
ISBN  1236088700
Pages  52

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1897 Excerpt: ...189-190. On upper marble-table: Bust of a sleeping boy.--Bust of Juno. 191. Boy with two torches allusive to the rising and close of day, Lucifer and Hesperus, the morning and evening stars, or probably to' Hymen. A-195-196. Bust of Matidia.--Torso of a Faun. On the cornice: 197. Colossal bust of Pallas or Rome, one of the sublimest works of the Greek chisel, found at Tor Paterno, the ancient Laurentum. The fragments, found in the vicinity, lead to believe that the whole statue once existed there. The helmet and the torso are not ancient. The eye-balls, now in enamel, were perhaps formerly of pietra gemmaria and ivory, in order to give a more natural expression. 198. Sepulchral altar richly wrought with simbolic groups of figures having reference to the origin of Rome such as: Romulus and Remus suckled by the wolf; the goat Amalthea suckling the infant Zeus, and a Nereid sitting on a sea-monster. On the left: fragments set in the wall: 212-215. Matron represented under the attributes of Modesty.--Genius of Autumn. 216. Nereid seated on a sea-monster. On the upper marble-iable: 219. Etruscan Matron in pietra di monte, conjectured also to be an Isis. 220-221. Roman Empress as Juno.--Bust of Antonia the Younger, the wife of Drusus. 223-224. Bust of Julia Mammsea.--Head resembling Plotina, the wife of Trajan. 230. Large sepulchral cippus of great merit erected to Luciae Telesinae, daughter of Caius, the tutelary gods of whose family were Apollo, and Diana. It would appear from the allegorical basrelief upon it, that she died of childbirth on being delivered of twins. The cippus is beautifully wrought with sphinzes, and rams-heads. 232. Bust in white marble with head of nero antico, bearing a great resemblance to the one in basalt of Scipio Africanus, in the sam...

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