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Author  James Rennell
Publication Date   April 26, 2013
ISBN  1234495112
Pages  110

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1816 edition. Excerpt: ...the N. W. of Zaco: and both Dr. Howel and M. Sestini describe the same mountains covered with snow, running parallel to the road between Zaco and Mosul. The reader is requested again to refer to the before mentioned Map, No. III. ' Whether the Greeks crossed the ridge by the ordinary road, now in use, or at a point nearer to the great mountains, is of little consequence to the argument: but by the time which they remained on the hills, one might conclude, that it was by the latter; and that they took the first road that offered, in order to escape the enemy’s cavalry, as soon as they could. The history says, “ whilst they were on their march, on the 5th day,” that is, the 5th day since they improved their order of march; but the 10th from the Zabatus “ they saw. a palace, and many villages lying round it. The road which led to this place, lay over high hills that reached down from the mountain, under which there stood a village?“ The Greeks were rejoiced to see these hills, and with great reason, the enemy’s forces consisting in horse. But after they had left the plain, and ascended the first hill, while they were descending from thence, in order to climb the next, the barbarians appeared, and from the eminence showered down upon them, (under the scourge) darts, stones, and arrows. They wounded many; and had the advantage over the Greek light-armed men; forcing them to retire within the body of the heavyarmed; so that the slingers and archers were that day entirely useless, being mixed with those who had the charge of the baggage. And when the Greeks, being thus pressed, endeavoured to pursue the enemy, as they were heavy-armed men, they moved slowly to the top of the mountain, whilst the enemy quickly...

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