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Author  David W. Myhrman
Publication Date   March 6, 2012
ISBN  1130232751
Pages  34

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1910 Excerpt: ...or case, in which it was originally enclosed, is dated in the month Se-ki?i-kud. The year, according to Pinches3--the text of the envelope not being published in extenso--is the same on both 1 E. B. H., pp. 299ff.-See also N'o. 93: 8-10, itu Se-kin-kud-ta itu Ezen Me-ki-ydl-iu itu-bi Xll-a-an, which establishes the order of the mouths. 3 Amh., p. 156. the tablet and the envelope, viz., the 52d year of Dung? or the 6th year of Bur-Sin. As the tablet must have been made and dated before being enclosed in the envelope, and as the latter consequently must have been dated later than the tablet--but, if Pinches is right, in the same year--Se-kin-kud must precede Ezen-Bau, and thus be the first month of the year. On the other hand, it is clear that Se-kin-kud could not very well be the first month. Tablets are dated in this month without an uh-sa formula, which would show that this month came later in the year.2 Still the Se-kin-kud of these tablets may belong to list I or II, where it was the 11th month, or to list III, where it perhaps was the 12th month, and would tend to prove that during the reign of the kings of the second dynasty of Ur the calendar was changed so as to make Se-kinkud the 11th month of List I and II, the 12th month of List III and the 1st month of the list IV. This would also relieve us of the difficulty, otherwise arising, that although lJammurabi changed the calendar by inserting an extra month,3 the numerical order of the list III of the Ur dynasty would be the same as that of the Hammurabi period and of later Babylonian and Assyrian times. This would also satisfactorily explain, why the 7th month was called A-ki-ti, the beginning month of the (half) year. Bdr-azag-ku, if it really is to be identified with Bdr-zaggar, will come a month la...

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