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Author  H. Noel Humpreys
Publication Date   March 6, 2012
ISBN  113022628X
Pages  136

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1853 Excerpt: ... in the two previous reigns. His first dates are 452, and his last, 467. An interesting specimen of his coins, is the one bearing on the reverse the profiles of the emperors M. Aurelius and L. Verus, face to face, with the date Aht (461). The examples already described, will convey a pretty accurate idea of the nature and style of this series. I must, therefore, now confine myself to giving a list of all the remaining princes, of whom coins are known. Sauromates III., from M. Aurelius to Septimus Severus. Rhescuporis IV. or V., cotemporary with the emperors Caracalla to A. Severus, on reverses. Cotys III., cotemporary with Alexander Severus. Sauromates IV., from 526 to 529: date of the Bosphorus. Inithimeus, from 531 to 535. Khescuporis VI., from 521 to 549. Pharauses, cotemporary with Emilianus and Valeriamis. Rhescuporis VII., from 552 to 564: date of the Bosphorus. Sauromates V., cotemporary of Tacitus or Prohus. Twanis, cotemporary of Probus. Thothorses, (575 to 600) cotemporary of Diocletian. Rhadamses, (605 to 616) cotemporary of Constantine the Great. Rhescuporis VIII., from 610 to 616, cotemporary of Constantine the Great, who appears to have shared the crown with Rhadamses during six years. We learn that the last sovereign of the Bosphorus, of the line I have been treating of, perished in single combat with Pharnaces, chief of the Chevronites; and the kingdom of the Bosphorus passed under the sway of that people, of whom no coins are known. Thus ended the independence of the Bosphorus, which had existed for eight centuries, reckoning from the earliest reigns (about 480 B.C.) to about the year 330 of our era. This series of coins has furnished a most important succession of dates, the more valuable and authentic, as they are accompanied by portraits...

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