The orations of Demosthenes Volume 21; Pronounced...


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Author  Demosthenes
Publication Date   March 6, 2012
ISBN  1130211436
Pages  180

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1832 Excerpt: ...of their constitution) to be their common enemies. And such advice would still be more unaccountable, should it he supported, that in consequence of rejecting the alliance of Sparta and Bceotia, these status would unite with the enemies of Athens. 1. From this passage it seems not improbable, that the designs ol the Persian had extended farther than to Rhodes; and lhat he had by his power of influence lately made alterations in the stale and government of the uncontrolled power of this city, both by jsea and land; yet, could not be diverted, jcould not be deterred from expressing their 'affection to the Athenians. When ambassadors came from Lacedemon, to demand some Athenian exiles who had taken refuge at.Argos, they declared by a decree, that unless 'these ambassadors departed from their city, before the setting sun, they should be accounted enemies. And would it not be shameful, my countrymen, that the populace of Argos should, in such times as these, defy the terror of the Lacedemonian power and sovereignty; and yet, that you, who are Athenians, should be terrified by a barbarian; nay, by a woman? The Argives might have justly pleaded, that they had oftentimes been conquered by the Lacedemonians. But you have frequently proved victorious ever the king; never were once defeated, either by his slaves or by himself. Or, if the Persian boasts to have obtained any advantage over us, he owes it to those treasures which he lavished on the corrupt traitors and hirelings of Greece. If ever he hath prevailed, by these means hath he prevailed. Nor have such successes proved of real use. No: we find that, at the very time when he was endeavouring to depress this state, by the help of Lacedemon, 3. his own dominions were exposed to the dangerous attempts of Clearchus...

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