A Brief Account of the Researches and Discoveries...

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Author  Giovanni D'Athanasi
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   April 17, 2014
ISBN  1108074715
Pages  302

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Originally named Demetrio Papandriopulo and of Greek parentage, Giovanni D'Athanasi (1798-1854) became in 1815 the servant of Henry Salt (1780-1827), the traveller and antiquary who became British Consul in Egypt and a pioneer Egyptologist. (An account by J. J. Halls of Salt's life and career is also reissued in this series.) Between 1817 and 1827, D'Athanasi excavated on Salt's behalf at Thebes. Published in 1836, this book was intended to accompany the sale of the collection of antiquities amassed by Salt, in which D'Athanasi had a financial interest, but various delays meant that it came out after the main sale had taken place. As well as an often diverting account (in which many axes are ground) of Salt's activities at Giza, Thebes, Memphis and Abu Simbel, the book contains a complete catalogue of the collection, indicating which items were later acquired by the British Museum.

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