Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology...

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Author  William Smith
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   September 30, 2013
ISBN  1108060889
Pages  1422

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Originally published in three volumes between 1844 and 1849, this extensive reference work, illustrated with reproductions of ancient coins, embodies a wealth of nineteenth-century classical scholarship. Functioning as a highly readable guide to the whole of ancient Greek and Roman history and mythology, the work was edited by the eminent lexicographer and classicist Sir William Smith (1813-93). Knighted in 1892, Smith was one of the major figures responsible for the revival of classical teaching and scholarship in Britain. His Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (1842) is also reissued in this series. For the present work, Smith assembled a team of contributors but still wrote many of the entries himself. Each massive volume has been subdivided into two separately published parts for this reissue. Volume 3 contains entries from Oarses (Arses, son of Artaxerxes III) to Zygia and Zygius (surnames of Hera and Zeus). Chronological tables of Greek and Roman history conclude the work.

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