Ionia and the East

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Author  David George Hogarth
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   December 29, 2011
ISBN  1108041949
Pages  124

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The archaeologist D. G. Hogarth (1862-1927) was, when he died, keeper of the Ashmolean Museum and president of the Royal Geographical Society. During his career he excavated in Cyprus, Egypt, Greece and Asia Minor. His books about his travels and excavations were well received and A Wandering Scholar in the Levant of 1896 (also reissued in this series) was described by T. E. Lawrence as 'one of the best travel books ever written'. This work, first published in 1909, contains six lectures on the origins of Ionia. Hogarth presents and evaluates the theories of the origins of Ionian culture that were popular at the time, and in the course of his discussion he delivers the results of some of his own excavations, including those at Ephesus in 1904. The work remains of interest to scholars and students of the region and of the history of archaeology.

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