The History of Greece

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Author  Ernst Curtius
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   July 7, 2011
ISBN  110802985X
Pages  590

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The German archaeologist Ernst Curtius (1814-1896) published this seminal work in three volumes between 1857 and 1867. It quickly became a bestseller and was republished in numerous German editions. The work was translated into English by the eminent British historian Adolphus William Ward (1837-1924) who divided it into five volumes, published between 1868 and 1873. Volume 3 covers the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE), focussing on the role of key figures such as Pericles; Athens' Sicilian expedition and the Peace of Nicias; Greek colonisation; and the Decelean war. Curtius' History was a pioneering work of nineteenth-century classical scholarship. For many generations it provided an indispensable guide through the complex history of the ancient Greek world, and it continues to inspire researchers today.

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