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Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   October 2, 2010
ISBN  1108008984
Pages  554

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Sir Richard Jebb's edition of Bacchylides' Odes, published in 1905, remains an authoritative work today. Jebb (1841-1905) was the most distinguished classicist of his generation, a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and University Orator, subsequently Professor of Greek at Glasgow University and finally Regius Professor of Greek at Cambridge, and a Member of Parliament for the University. This edition contains an introductory essay describing the poet's life, his literary context and his influence on later writers, especially Pindar and Horace. It also includes a section on metre. The text itself is given with a parallel English translation, textual collation and explanatory notes. An appendix discusses conjectural reconstructions of the odes, and there is a vocabulary list and index.

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