Heroic Women Your History Teachers Never... (Book published May


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Author  David Gray Rodgers
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   May 21, 2019
ISBN  1099516595
Pages  346

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Many fascinating women made history, but not many people know their stories. Heroic Women Your History Teachers Never Told You About helps fix that. In this well-researched, reliable, and highly-readable book you will find the biographies of women who overcame extraordinary obstacles, changed their world, and defined their era. This first volume tells of Hatshepsut, the woman god-king who ruled Egypt; of Artemisia and her dog-fighter ships of the Mediterranean; of Galla Placidia, the P.O.W. who first became a Barbarian Queen and then an Empress of Rome; of Wu Zetian, a servant girl who re-imagined China; of Aethelflaed, who helped turn a patchwork of warring tribes into the nation of England; of Freydis, the Viking who explored America 482 years before Columbus; and many more. All these stories are offered in context so that they present not just what happened but also some of the reasons why. Heroic Women Your History Teachers Never Told You About helps bridge the gender gap in the world’s story and to get a broader view of the human experience. If you have never heard of these real people and true events, or if you just want to understand them better, this is the perfect place to start.

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