Sparta (Book published May 3, 2019)


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Author  Captivating History
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   May 3, 2019
ISBN  1096728753
Pages  352

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If you want to discover the captivating history of Sparta, then keep reading...

Four captivating manuscripts in one book:

  • Spartans: A Captivating Guide to the Fierce Warriors of Ancient Greece, Including Spartan Military Tactics, the Battle of Thermopylae, How Sparta Was Ruled, and More
  • The Greco-Persian Wars: A Captivating Guide to the Conflicts Between the Achaemenid Empire and the Greek City-States, Including the Battle of Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis, Plataea, and More
  • The Battle of Thermopylae: A Captivating Guide to One of the Greatest Battles in Ancient History Between the Spartans and Persians
  • The Peloponnesian War: A Captivating Guide to the Ancient Greek War Between the Two Leading City-States in Ancient Greece — Athens and Sparta
Sparta is one of the first names that comes to mind when we think about the ancient world. And this is for good reason. After its founding sometime in the 10th century BCE, Sparta soon rose to be one of the most powerful city-states in not only the Greek but the entire ancient world.

Perhaps the most significant achievement in all of Spartan history, though, was their defeat of the Athenians in the Peloponnesian War. This conflict, which lasted roughly 30 years, put the two greatest Greek city-states of the time, Athens and Sparta, up against one another, and the result, a Spartan victory, helped to reshape the entire ancient world. It ushered in a period of Spartan hegemony which was radically different than when the Athenians sat atop the Greek world.

Some of the topics covered in part 1 of this book include:
  • Who Were the Spartans
  • The Growth of Spartan Power: The Messenian Wars
  • A Growing Rivalry with Athens: The Greco-Persian Wars
  • Victory over Athens: The Birth of the Spartan Empire
  • Spartan Hegemony, the Corinthian War, and Sparta’s Decline
  • Spartan Government, Military, and Society
  • And much, much more!
Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book include:
  • On the Eve of War
  • The Ionian Revolt
  • Darius I Marches on Greece: The Battle of Marathon
  • The Interwar Years: Greece and Persia Prepare to Meet Again
  • The Invasion of Xerxes Part 1: The Battles of Thermopylae and Artemisium
  • The Invasion of Xerxes Part 2: The Battles of Salamis and Plataea
  • The Delian League Wars
  • The Aftermath of the War
  • The Greek Military
  • The Persian Military
  • And much, much more!
Some of the topics covered in part 3 of this book include:
  • Leading up to The Battle of Thermopylae
  • The Main Characters of the Battle of Thermopylae
  • Greece and Persia Prepare for Battle
  • The Battle of Thermopylae: Seven Days to Last the Test of Time
  • Meanwhile, at Artemisium
  • After the Battle of Thermopylae
  • The Greek and Persian Armies
  • And much, much more!
Some of the topics covered in part 4 of this book include:
  • Understanding Peloponnese
  • The Peloponnesian and Delian Leagues
  • Rising Tensions Between Athens and Sparta: The First Peloponnesian War to the Thirty Years’ Peace
  • The Archidamian War to the Peace of Nicias
  • The Attack of Syracuse Brings More War
  • The Ionian War and the Fall of Athens
  • Fighting in an Ancient Greek Army
  • The War’s Impact on Greek Culture
  • Philosophy During War: Socrates
  • And much, much more!
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