Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia (Book published March 26


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Author  Brien Foerster BSc.
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   March 26, 2019
ISBN  1091666547
Pages  309

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People with elongated skulls have been found in many parts of the world over the course of thousands of years. In general these were the elites of a society and cranial deformation was performed on new borns in order to make them look distinct from the general population. In Peru and Bolivia there were many societies with elongated heads, including the royal Inca family. The most profound ones are surely of the Paracas culture of the coast of Peru who existed from about 700 BC to approximately 100 AD. There are clear medical indications that the Paracas originally were born with elongated heads, and after generations of breeding with normal humans began to perform cranial deformation on their noble children. They also had dark red hair, likely light skin and perhaps green eyes. Recent DNA testing of the early Paracas indicate that they did not originate in Peru and that they were in fact not Homo sapiens sapiens.

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