Mongolian Empire (Book published August 10, 2019)


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Author  Dinobibi Publishing
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   August 10, 2019
ISBN  1089517254
Pages  88

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Most people believe the Mongolian Empire was a small tribe known for looting, robbing, and pillaging. The Mongols used to be little more than nomads prowling the harsh and often barren steppes of Mongolia, but this all changed when a great leader, Genghis Khan, took control.

The Mongols were innovative and creative in everything they did beyond just warfare. They owed their successes to their military tactics and impressive art of war, which relied heavily on incredible horsemanship, archery, and other fighting skills. But they also created an immersive world full of ideas, inventions, and art.

The Mongolian Empire was a state built by folks who knew how to keep up with the times. The Mongols put to use many ideas and technologies of the day and were very much capable of making these things work for them.

Adversity usually gives birth to strength, and the Mongols are a fine example of this principle in practice.
Let Dinobibi guide you through a discover of the story of the Mongol Empire, a great testament to how empires rise and fall, exemplifying a process that has been part of the human experience for millennia.

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