My hieroglyphic journal (Book published July 11, 2019)


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Author  Egyptophile Publishing
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   July 11, 2019
ISBN  1080005994
Pages  212

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The perfect notebook to help you learn Egyptian hieroglyphs

This journal has graphed lines on the lefthand pages to help you learn to draw Egyptian hieroglyphs. The righthand pages are lined for you to write out the transliteration and translation of the hieroglyphs you wrote on the left. The layout and index help you keep your texts organized.

  • 200 pages for practicing writing and translating ancient Egyptian texts - 100 graphed for hieroglyphs & 100 lined for your transliteration and translation
  • Perfect for studying Egyptian hieroglyphs - but also could be used for other complex scripts
  • Convenient 6x9" size is easy to travel with and similar in size to most Egyptian textbooks
  • Includes an index to keep you organized
  • Cover and interior pages include a quote in hieroglyphs from the ancient Egyptian sage Ptahhotep
  • Quote translates to: "Good speech is more rare than green stone, (yet) may be found (even) with the servants at the grindstone." In other words, eloquence is rare, but anyone can become eloquent, regardless of background - an appropriate sentiment for those of us learning a foreign language and writing system.

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