The Glory That Was Greece (Book published June 13, 2019)


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Author  William C. Morey Ph.D.
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   June 13, 2019
ISBN  1073448584
Pages  198

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Morey’s Outlines of Greek History (1903) beautifully summarizes and encapsulates the political, military, intellectual, artistic, and religious history of ancient Greece until its absorption into the Roman Empire. Mr. Kalb has modernized the original in this revised version, The Glory That Was Greece: Outlines of Greek History. With completely redrawn maps, color images, a thorough pronunciation guide, and two companion Florilegium readers keyed to the text of the Outlines, The Glory That Was Greece is an ideal text for the advanced high school or early university student seeking a deeper understanding of our cultural heritage. It is the first installment in the Honors History Series, a projected five-year sequence covering the entire span of Western history.

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