The Undying Stars

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Author  David Warner Mathisen
Publisher  Beowulf Books
Publication Date   May 27, 2014
ISBN  0996059016
Pages  444

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Uncover the spiritual cosmology of the ancients!

Virtually all the world's sacred traditions are built upon a common esoteric system of celestial allegory. In The Undying Stars, you will see how that system works, and why the ancients thought it was so important.

You will find evidence that the message that these esoteric myths were intended to convey includes a shamanic-holographic worldview of tremendous sophistication . . . and profound significance. A worldview which anticipated quantum physics by many thousands of years. And you will encounter evidence that this ancient wisdom was deliberately suppressed by forces who took over the Roman Empire and then launched a violent campaign to eradicate the ancient esoteric system, first in Europe and then in the rest of the world.        

To preview the preface, table of contents and first three chapters, please visit the Mathisen Corollary blog.

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