In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the...


In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza

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Author  Dr Charles R. Kos
Publisher  Plus Ultra Books
Publication Date   April 21, 2015
ISBN  0987420828
Pages  492

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Do you like reading real-life detective stories about Ancient Mysteries? Are you prepared to be astounded? Finally... enjoy reading the sensational investigative discovery of what the Giza pyramids actually are!

“The Great Pyramids are probably a massive temple complex and home for buried gods and goddesses. For this reason the pyramids had to be as large as possible: literal mountains!”

Introducing “who” is possibly “buried” at Giza, and some of the findings:

Revelation: Giza is a huge temple to the Triple Goddess...

  • Indicated by the three large pyramids as well as three subsidiary Queens' Pyramids around two of the Giza pyramids. These indicate a home for the Triple Goddess who lives under mythical World Mountain, at the center of the Earth, and all creation. Her home was constructed in Egypt, and elsewhere, by competing civilizations.
  • The Sphinx was originally hound, (yes... a dog!) coincidentally, the favourite animal of the Triple Goddess. No coincidence here! This is reflected in Chinese and Germanic mythology (mound worshiping cultures)
  • The three time-aspects of the Triple Goddess, Birth, Death, Resurrection, seem to be represented at Giza.
  • The fact the pyramids celebrate the equinoxes, etc, and astronomical phenomena show they encompass Stone-Age fertility ideas. It was a fertility complex, and always has been, until modern times. This singular fact has eluded many.
  • The inclusion of great and elaborate mathematics, including the possible diameters of Earth and other planets, represented by helper gods, unlocks the possibility of Old Egyptian knowledge somewhat more advanced at least in terms of astronomical awareness, than they are given credit for.
  • Worship of the Triple Goddess (The Greatest European deity of the Stone Age) at Giza in more modern times became the worship of Hermes Trismegistus (the Triple Great) The Great Goddess was remembered as Goddess Isis, her chapel placed near the Khufu pyramid. Her home may have been the Queens' chamber, with a male consort god residing in the King's chamber. Again the burial is not of humans, but gods. The burial of Khufu or Khafre himself may be related to the mastaba of a certain Khufu-Kaf nearby.

The Triple Goddess worship idea explains why there are three pyramids in the first place. Imagine a dying culture in the second half of the third millennium BC, seeking to immortalise forever the fertility religion of their ancestors. This culture stretched across Eurasia and deep into Africa. This is what is going on at Giza. After the culture died, few such further monuments were ever built again, save in America and China. This is why Giza is the very best representation of what it was they were trying to achieve, right at the beginning of Egyptian agricultural civilization.

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In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza

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