Before Genesis


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Author  Robert J Bridges
Publisher  Element Press
Publication Date   December 28, 2012
ISBN  0985872209
Pages  202

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The following words, composed by the author, introduces the world's most ancient mathematical document: "Accurate reckoning, for inquiring into the meaning of all things, and grasping the knowledge of all things, mysteries and all secrets". In this book, you will discover that Africans invented mathematics and geometry and wrote the world's most ancient mathematical document, which the quote above introduces. Africans also invented medicine and surgery and wrote the world's first surgical-scientific document. They invented astronomy and built the first astronomical observatory. Also, Africans invented monotheism and the art of writing, which they used to compose all of their ancient documents including the world's first book of spiritual salvation, and more. Before Genesis is an important addition to any home library because it exposes, through its essential non-biased content, Africa’s rich contribution to world civilization.

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