Alpha to Omega - Journey to the End of Time...

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Author  Matthew A. Petti
Publisher  Two Sense Publications
Publication Date   November 1, 2012
ISBN  0985685522
Pages  318

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The human journey - Alpha to Omega - is a cycle that begins and ends with the highest level of human achievement on earth: Supreme Being. Embark on this metaphysical voyage through the ages of time and meaning - observed in relation to varying levels of knowledge and power, human nature and the enlightenment of our souls.

Matthew Petti's award-winning book provides NEW explanations for UNSOLVED ancient mysteries and fragmented ancient texts by examining them through the lens of the Metaphysics of Truth - a remarkable discovery of the unobserved but subtly powerful dynamic that underpins reality.

The inseparable bond between past and future is the cause and effect of our beliefs and the choices influenced by them.  Today's world mirrors the obvious effects of our most unobserved and unchanging assumptions.

Beliefs about God, ancient history and the hereafter, which have become deeply embedded into the collective consciousness through the inheritance of age-old teachings and behaviors, encompass every aspect of our lives and decisions.  Our priorities, which are directed by these vague assumptions, steer us away from seeking alternative answers, leaving our false assumptions and the future consequences intact.

In Alpha to Omega - Journey to the End of Time, the book of Revelation serves as the unbreakable conduit - a cryptic gateway to new perspectives for the myths and ancient mysteries of our past and the secrets to its prophecy, which stray far from the mold of centuries-old interpretation.

Readers will experience the human journey like never before. Fascinating explanations for the wondrous ancient ruins throughout the world and the mythical gods of ancient Egypt, Greece and South America are explored from a unique and very intriguing perspective.

Alpha to Omega is a viable and inspired presentation, which seriously challenges mainstream's age-old stranglehold on the beliefs of those who continue in their search for God and Truth.

Ancient mysteries are the evidence to errors in our religious AND historical precepts. Our beliefs and the subsequent choices create our collective destiny. Awaken to the inherited assumptions that shape our destiny with an unprecedented version of human origins and history and its implications for our future.

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