Flower, Song, Dance

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Author  David Bowles
Publisher  Lamar University Press
Publication Date   August 10, 2013
ISBN  0985255285
Pages  146

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Winner of the 2014 Soeurette Diehl Fraser Award for Best Translation from the Texas Institute of Letters.

In pre-Colombian Mexico, song and dance were vital components of daily life. However, all that is left of this vast tradition of lyrical verse are fewer than 200 poems, most contained in three codices written just after the Spanish conquest. In this new translation, David Bowles employs the tools of English verse to craft accessible, powerful versions of selected songs from the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, striking a balance between the features of the original performance and the expectations of modern readers of poetry. With full-color illustrations, a thorough glossary and insightful introduction, 'Flower, Song, Dance' brings a neglected literary tradition to life for the 21st-century.

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