Slavery In The United States and Around The...


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Author  J. Jackson Owensby
Publisher  A-Argus Better Book Publishers, LLC
Publication Date   June 30, 2011
ISBN  0984643966
Pages  540

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An unbiased look at one of the most contentious and controversial subjects since the beginning of man. Slavery, it appears, is a status that many people in modern times have come to believe is a stigma belonging solely to the United States of America, its founders and its history. The current concept of slavery for many people, especially in America, is limited only to the idea that many unwilling blacks were abducted from Africa and brought to the United States and that the blacks were suppressed by the ‘white’ owners. And there is a lot of truth in this concept. Slaves were indeed often abused, mistreated, suppressed, and remaining uneducated and subject to the dictates of their owners. However, not all owners were ‘white’. As history records, there were more than a few blacks and other nationalities, including Native American Indians, who were slave owners as well. These owners were little different from the British colonists who imported slaves not only from Africa, but from almost every nation. And not every slave was black or African.

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