Uncommon Sense

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Author  William James Murray
Publisher  Bridger House Publishers Inc
Publication Date   February 29, 2012
ISBN  0984473386
Pages  290

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UNCOMMON SENSE is the most revolutionary book ever to appear on the American continent since Tom Paine's COMMON SENSE of 1776, and the most revolutionary book to hit the whole world since Karl Marx's COMMUNIST MANIFESTO of 1848. UNCOMMON SENSE has the same emotional effect on all Americans as UNCLE TOM'S CABIN had on all Northerners. UNCOMMON SENSE exposes the true nature of the American soul as well as GONE WITH THE WIND exposed the true nature of the Southern soul. UNCOMMON SENSE represents for Americans what the NEW Testament represents for Christians, and what the Old Testament represents for Jews. After reading UNCOMMON SENSEyou will understand the true meanings of works like freedom, patriotism, and Americanism, and you will identify yourself as a Real- American, a Pseudo-American, or a Socialist-American. UNCOMMON SENSE is the most explosive book of the 20th century. It is changing

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