China's Exploding Powers - The Unmasking...


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Author  Gary W. Gee
Publisher  Clandestine Publications
Publication Date   October 16, 2009
ISBN  0984078207
Pages  312


China's Exploding Powers, subtitled The Unmasking of China's Strategy to Take Over the United States, presents the thrilling mission that Ken Livingston and his long-time colleague, Brad, undertake to find the entity responsible for a sneak, nuclear blow to America's capital; and to see that justice is served. From their exciting childhood gun adventures to spy careers - to a clandestine visit to a weapons test facility on the Chinese Mainland - to the pursuit, apprehension, and interrogation of the mastermind of the Washington, D.C. tragedy - to the handling of a Chinese defector sentenced to death in absentia - to the stealing of a missile and transporting it across a defeated America to safe hands in Europe - There is never a dull moment. Ken and Brad set out to do whatever it takes to find the guilty party, and to restore the nation's government and Spirit of America.

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