Natural Time


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Author  Lisa Star
Publisher  Resonant Truth
Publication Date   October 17, 2017
ISBN  0983715106
Pages  30


Resonant Truth's annual wall calendar is created in the tradition of Natural Time. We can slowly let go of our 12-month Gregorian year by easing into a count of 13 'moons' or months. Each moon is 28 days long, divided into four weeks. 13 x 28 = 364 days, with one remaining each year. This clean, rhythmic count is the basis of Natural Time: it offers us a return to nature's harmonious cycles and relieves of a calendar that is bureaucratic and artificial - based on centuries of political diplomacy instead of celestial movement. The Mayan year begins on July 26, at the height of summer harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. Use this calendar to follow the 13 Moon arc of transformation, from attracting our year's purpose in the first 'Magnetic' moon, through stages of initiation that lead to manifestation and transcendent awakening to being one with the cosmos - the final 'Cosmic' moon that completes the cycle. The Mayan sacred count - the Tzolkin - is interwoven with the 13 Moons to give each day a shamanic name and resonance. The year itself is named for its first day. Blue Resonant Storm brings us a yearlong exploration of psychic and intuitive clearing, removing barriers of true perception. Blue Storm catalyzes us and brings catharsis where we have been blocked and stagnating. Like the sky itself, a Blue Storm year can be full of dramatic and dynamic release. Emotionally we can experience thunderous rage and outpouring of grief. However, the year's journey is in service of clarity. The storm is the movement of energy that releases the sky back to shining sunlight. We embrace this year's torrent of change as a shift toward dramatic enlightenment. Resonant Truth's wall calendar includes a deeper description of Blue Resonant Storm's essence, and a message about the Winter Solstice prophecy date held at the heart of the year. The Mayan 'vinals' - their original 20-day cycles that were counted within each year - are included.

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