Papacho Remedies

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Author  Manuel Canales Morales N.D.
Publisher  Skinny Llama Productions, LLC
Publication Date   March 5, 2011
ISBN  0983373000
Pages  148

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A Papacho is the healer, the doctor of the village. He was important in the village hierarchy. He received remedies and secrets from the ancestors. This was oral knowledge transmitted from generation to generation. On occasion, their wisdom regarding cures mixed with the mystical. Most remedies, however, are based on herbs, leaves and stems, roots and flowers, juices and extracts, fruits, even the peels and seeds, vegetables and cacti. Animal products, such as milk, wool, and horns. Dirt, clay, water, and remedies with rocks energized by water! Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets is a book filled with remedies and cures gathered from the Papachos of Peru and the surrounding countries. Within these pages, you will find not only remedies for common afflictions, but cures for serious maladies that plague the world, such as Cancer and Diabetes! Clear your mind, open the book, learn, heal, love, and enjoy life!

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