My Professor Says"The Bible Is A Myth"


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Author  Thomas B. Tribelhorn
Publisher  CrossHouse Publishing
Publication Date   September 6, 2012
ISBN  0982948808
Pages  354

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The facts your college professor doesn't want you to know . . . Record numbers of high school and college students are giving up on God and the Christian faith . . . unable to defend their faith against the onslaught of academic 'facts' from their instructors that 'prove' there is no evidence to support the historical accuracy of the Bible. This explosive book exposes the claims against the Bible as a gross distortion of the evidence. Dr. Tom Tribelhorn brings a lifetime of experience and intensive study in Israel to bring students and their parents face-to-face with the real facts. You'll be surprised to learn that some of the strongest advocates of the Bible's historical accuracy are not Christians - but agnostic scholars who allow the archaeological evidence to speak for itself. Tribelhorn contends that God never intended for faith to be 'blind' ... but to include logical reasoning and historical evidence as part of the equation. The compelling defense he presents here has the power to change your life - and, if you already have doubts, to salvage your faith.

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