For God or for Tyranny

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Author  Walid Shoebat
Publisher  Top Executive Media
Publication Date   December 1, 2009
ISBN  0982567901
Pages  372

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For God or For Tyranny. Progressives denounce God and the Bible as an old writ from thousands of years ago, that we need to advance and modernise -- God is outmoded they say. Perhaps it is time to set up a new moral code without Him. This book shows how mankind digresses every time he takes this route-that evil is the process of us governing others rather than allowing God to govern us. We can either believe that God exists or He simply is nowhere to be found. But God's moral law stands-which we shall prove here. If we remove God, the government will become God. This book will show conclusively that whenever we abandon God, we elevate a collective tyranny into a god. Either God becomes king or a tyrant becomes king. The book equips and trains the inner soul through a journey into history examining some of our downfalls when man thought he was superior, to later only recognise, after the havoc, and only then confess, that the core of his principles was indeed appalling. Today the world is at it again, demanding global unity. But unity under freedom is the process of uniting individuals that disagree, while tyranny is the process of forcing everyone to agree-in unison.I don't mean all that call themselves Christians, but a remnant, a few scattered persons which God hath chosen, such as without being led by interest, education, or human authorities, can set themselves sincerely and earnestly to search after truth. For Daniel hath said that the wise shall understand, so he said also that none of the wicked shall understand -- Sir Isaac Newton

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