Your Voice Echoes Through

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Author  Charlie March
Publisher  March Winds Publishers, Inc.
Publication Date   June 25, 2009
ISBN  098242440X
Pages  510

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Ancient Gerasa, known today as Jerash in Jordan, is one of the great archaeological parks and tourist destinations in the world. However, until now its importance as a historical bridge spanning the Classical and early Christian periods has not been fully discussed. Your Voice Echoes Through is the first book published on Gerasa that explores how the rise of Christianity and its pursuit of the City of God shaped this fascinating architectural landscape and helped bring an end to its Classical nature. Your Voice Echoes Through studies this momentous cultural transition from an architectural, archaeological and religious perspective in the waning years of the Roman Empire. The physical and philosophical aspects of Paganism, Judaism and Christianity are discussed in relation to their use of sacred space, and their texts in relation with their artifacts. Thus this is a multi-disciplinary study of an ancient town, the sacred spaces of three religions and the end of an epoch.

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