Maya Archaeology 1


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Author  William Saturno
Publisher  Precolumbia Mesoweb Press
Publication Date   December 31, 2009
ISBN  0982133316
Pages  112

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Chapters include: High Resolution Documentation of the Murals of San Bartolo, Guatemala, by William Saturno....Strontium Isotopic Identification of an Early Classic Migrant to Punta de Chimino, Guatemala, by Lori E. Wright and Bruce R. Bachand....Communal and Personal Hunting Shrines Around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, by Linda A. Brown....The Discovery of Plan de Ayutla, Mexico, by Luis Alberto Martos López....Painted Lithic Artifacts from Piedras Negras, Guatemala, by Zachary X. Hruby and Gene Ware....The Womb of the World: The Cuauhxicalli and Other Offering Bowls of Ancient and Contemporary Mesoamerica, by Karl Taube

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