Fires of Rome

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Author  John Hagan
Publisher  Rauson Group
Publication Date   May 1, 2010
ISBN  0982082819
Pages  508

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"Fires of Rome" is the companion work to "Year of the Passover" and covers the early Christian era from the crucifixion of Jesus in A.D. 36 to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and beyond to the end of the revolt in A.D. 73. New Testament accounts of the crucifixion and early Christian events are examined against secular history written by accepted ancient Roman historians. "Fires of Rome" makes the case for a conspiracy against the Christians by the Jerusalem Second Temple High Priesthood which ultimately led to the persecutions in Rome, outwardly incited by Emperor Nero in A.D. 64. Earlier, in A.D. 62, the Jewish priests were responsible for the elimination of the Jerusalem Christian leadership, including James the Just, the brother of Jesus. Of necessity, "Fires of Rome" delves deeply into Roman history, with chapters on Roman Emperors Caius (Caligula), Claudius, and Nero, as well as chapters on the Jewish revolt of A.D. 66-73. "Fires of Rome" also profiles the powerful women of the early Christian era, including the infamous Herodias, Jewish Queen Bernice and her sister Drusilla, Agrippina the Younger, and others. Empress Poppea Sabina, the wife of Nero, is especially interesting, with her eclectic and semi-secret court of mystics, philosophers, and religious figures-which included historian Flavius Josephus and former Jerusalem Second Temple High Priest Ismael. Fires of Rome is a must read for every serious student of Christian history. Soft revision March 2013.

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