The Winds of Time


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Author  Rich DiSilvio
Publisher  DV Books
Publication Date   June 1, 2008
ISBN  0981762514
Pages  740

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The Winds of Time is a compelling and insightful analysis of the titanic figures who profoundly shaped Western civilization. Unlike many modern accounts that sugarcoat history, Rich DiSilvio posits a thought-provoking analysis that is as blunt and challenging as it is refreshing and enlightening. Many facets of history are reinvestigated in searing detail often with striking results. 

As the author says, ""The Winds of Time' can sometimes be like turpentine, it may be harsh, but it seeks to reveal the truth by washing away the many layers of distortions by countless scribes, propagandists and revisionists who have done well in colorizing history." 

DiSilvio sagaciously dissects the lives, achievements, and blunders of Caesar, Augustus, Constantine, Jesus, Dante, Da Vinci, Queen Elizabeth, Darwin, Edison, Einstein, Marx, Hitler, FDR, Reagan and many more for the direct benefit of modern readers, and especially for Americans, as many of the challenges of the past are relevant today. A must-read for any American that appreciates an unsugarcoated approach to viewing life or assessing the provocative people that risked life and limb to truly shape our world.

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