Queen Cleopatra


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Author  Talbot Mundy
Publisher  Murine Press
Publication Date   June 5, 2008
ISBN  0981597130
Pages  272

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Queen Cleopatra and Julius Caesar - as theirs was one of the great love affairs of all time, one that changed the entire course of history! Cleopatra had audacity, enchanting beauty and the fierce courage to keep Egypt free at any cost-even if it meant challenging the most powerful ruler the world had ever known. Julius Caesar had absolute authority, fame as a great lover, and the unrelent-ing determination to keep Rome the mightiest city of the age - until his infatuation and desire for Cleopatra threatened his otherwise invincible strength. The clash of these two vibrant, full-blooded personalities engaged in this his-toric Battle of the Sexes is the heart of the drama and the excitement of QUEEN CLEOPATRA

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