Egypt and Beyond

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Author  Stephen E. Thompson
Publisher  Department of Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies, Brown University
Publication Date   August 1, 2008
ISBN  0980206502
Pages  371

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In June of 2005, Leonard Lesko retired after 23 years as Wilbour Professor and Chairman of the Department of Egyptology at Brown University. In recognition of his many contributions to the field of Egyptology, 24 colleagues from around the world, and from several fields of ancient studies, contributed articles to a festschrift in his honor. The contributions to the festschrift are as wide-ranging as are Leonard's interests. Contributions discuss ancient Egyptian religion and religious texts, Egyptian grammar, history, art, and archaeology. There are also contributions from the fields of classics, Near Eastern archaeology, and a study of Middle Iranian texts from the Bancroft Library of the University of California at Berkeley (where Leonard began his career in Egyptology).

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