The First Year of Latin

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Author  Walter B. Gunnison
Publisher  Armfield Academic Press
Publication Date   July 1, 2007
ISBN  0979505127
Pages  336

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The First Year of Latin is the product of practical experience in the classroom. It aims in the most direct manner to prepare the pupil to read Caesar¿s Gallic Wars. While a general survey of the essential features of the Latin grammar is made, only those parts are emphasized which are needed. With few exceptions the words and phrases are taken directly from Caesar¿s War with the Helvetii, and by their frequent repetition a sufficient vocabulary is established to simplify the reading of Caesar in the second year. Special attention is given to reviews. At short intervals a lesson is made up of questions on the new forms and constructions of the lessons immediately preceding it, together with a repetition of the new words and such sentences of Caesar as will be used later. The earlier review lessons contain sentences for sight-reading, based on the review vocabulary. In the later lessons connected passages covering chapters 1-12 of The War with the Helvetii replace these.

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