Conquistador Voices (Book published October 12, 2015)


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Author  Kevin H Siepel
Publisher  Spruce Tree Press
Publication Date   October 12, 2015
ISBN  0978646630
Pages  426

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The Spanish Conquest: What Really Happened?

If you’re a person who likes to learn the messy details of events likely sanitized in your schoolbooks, Conquistador Voices may be for you.

You're likely to find this book not only informative but easy to read, because Conquistador Voices is built around first-person narratives—the kind of thing that usually holds our attention. Think of it as a film documentary in written form, one that tells an important story in 500-year-old “sound bites” and narrative, and that does so in a way that informs without moralizing.

In this two-volume set you'll find neither a defense of the conquistadors nor a politically correct polemic against them.

What you will find is a one-stop, five-part layman's summary of the Conquest, one that delves dispassionately into persons and events we still talk about today. To see who’s covered in each volume, click on the volume’s cover image and then Look Inside. If you like what you see, order a copy for yourself or other history buff today.

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